Flood Insurance

Are You Covered In Case of Flooding?

Flood insurance by Allied Trust provides coverage against property loss and damage from flooding.  Many homeowners do not realize that their homeowners insurance policy does not cover you in cases of flooding. We at Allied Trust Insurance enjoy speaking with our clients and helping them determine if they are in need of flood insurance. To find out what level of flood insurance coverage you need, we evaluate the location of your structure in relation to lowlands, floodplains and areas that are susceptible to flooding.

While you may not think you need this type of insurance, it is always best to discuss your options with an experienced insurer.  According to the federal government’s Floodsmart program, “Homes and businesses with mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders in high-risk flood areas are required to have flood insurance. While flood insurance is not federally required if you live in a moderate-to-low risk flood area, it is still available and strongly recommended.”

Allied Trust Insurance offers flood insurance coverage at a fair and affordable rates, speak with a trusted agent today to discuss flood insurance coverage.

 **Coming Soon To Texas & Louisiana