Flood Safety

Flooding can happen anywhere, even if you are not near a body of water. Flood safety is something everyone should take seriously.  Allied Trust is here with some simple, common sense flood safety tips to help you avoid risks related to flood emergencies.

  • Understand the topography of your area and know where high-risk floodplains are in relation to your home or business.
  • Heed warnings by local news and emergency warning systems when severe weather is an issue in your area.
  • Never drive into a flooded roadway in your car. If you cannot see the ground because of puddling/water collection, play it safe and turn around or avoid the area.
  • Do not walk through flood waters because of the risk of uneven ground, storm drains, chemical contamination, and bugs/wildlife in the water.
  • Check to make sure your utilities, such as your water heater, air conditioning or furnace are on higher ground to avoid the likelihood of their being affected by flooding at your home.

We care about your safety at Allied Trust Insurance, speak with an agent to discuss more tips to help you prevent or mitigate flood-related accidents.