Homeowners Insurance

Protecting Your Investment

You home is your biggest investment.  You spend money time and energy caring for your home, protecting your home and your treasured belongings is essential.  A homeowner’s insurance policy by Allied Trust Insurance is worth all of the peace of mind it offers.

Protection When You Need It

While you hope to never need to use it, the value of homeowners insurance is that it protects and covers your most valuable assets.  Allied Trust Insurance offers coverage to protect you in times when accidents, water damage, fire, theft, or weather-related events have damaged or destroyed your home.  Homeowners insurance coverage protects your personal property, belongings and valuables inside your home. We offer liability coverage, to protect your assets in cases where an accident has caused personal injury or property damage.   In many states, your mortgage company may require that you have home insurance.

Customize Your Coverage

Homeowners insurance from Allied Trust is fully customizable and we offer coverage that stands ready to fit your needs, whether you live in a single family home, a condo, or are renting your home.   We are here to guide and help you determine your coverage levels and suit a plan to your needs.  Speak with an Allied Trust Insurance agent to discuss your coverage options.

**Available in both Texas & Louisiana