Shutter Selection & Installation

Guide to Shutter Installation

Keeping wind and water out is critical to your home’s survival. Shutters should be a planned element of any vulnerable home. Plywood should be a last-minute alternative, and if used, it must be properly fastened.

Protective Barriers

  • Keep wind pressure from building up inside, which
    often leads to loss of the roof.
  • Reduce the chance glass will break.
  • Reduce the chance of wind-driven rain from soaking
    the home’s interior.

Plan Ahead

Choose permanent window and door protection, or Install permanent fasteners long before storm warnings,so panels can be put in place quickly and time
can be spent focusing on other needs.

The range of products on the market today means it’s easier to find protection that fits your budget. Commercially- installed shutters typically cost between $9 and
$30 per square foot of openings. The costs increase for motorized units.

Do-it-yourself costs are about 50 percent less per square foot. Many homeowners opt for a mixture of protective measures as a means of maintaining the curb appeal of a home.

Make The Right Choice

Choose a product with the proper approval rating for impact-resistance. Know that just because a product is labeled “hurricane tested” does NOT mean it has passed the large-missile impact tests.

For more in-depth information, click here to download a checklist.