Water Damage

Under Water?

Water damage is almost always a stressful event in your life. It’s imperative to deal with it promptly and identify the caused the water damage correctly when you start the process with your insurance company. If your water damage was caused by flooding or an extreme weather event, it is extremely unlikely that a flooding claim will be covered under your homeowners policy. You will need to confirm your flood insurance coverage and work with your insurance company to repair flooding damage.

Water damage is most commonly caused by household utility or appliance failures. At Allied Trust Insurance, we’ve seen everything, from burst pipes or water heaters to washing machines or plumbing that goes awry.   In these cases, your water damage claim is probably covered under your home insurance policy and our trusted agent can guide you through the claim, repair and recovery process.

To make a water damage claim less likely, you can take some simple measures to maintain and inspect your home for possible causes of water damage.

  • Know where the shut off is for your main water supply. In cases of emergency, shutting off the water supply can mitigate further damage.
  • Have your HVAC system maintained and inspected regularly.
  • Have your plumbing and water heaters inspected at least once a year to look for signs of damage.
  • Check on hoses that supply water to your washing machine and dishwasher to ensure they are properly connected and not leaking.
  • Always have minor pipe damage repaired immediately, waiting to fix problems such as these can cause costly repairs or damage in the long run.
  • If water damage has occurred, document the damage and call your insurance company as soon as you can. Keep good records of repair work that has been done in the past that may be related to your current situation.

Following these tips might help you prevent water damage or help make the insurance claim process go easier so you can get things back to normal.  Talk to an Allied Trust Insurance agent today for help with water damage.